Southern Sailing Foundation



Our grants fund deserving organizations, individuals, and teams to promote sailing, racing competition, and maritime education.   Most grant applications are submitted for a particular event or a series of related events that last over an extended time period. The primary purpose of our grants is to help fund individuals’ travel expenses related to out-of-town regattas.  In some cases we fund coaching or other support.  We seldom approve grants for the purchase of sailing equipment.

If a grant is approved, our grant administrator will reply with a proposed grant agreement and a check for the amount of the grant.  Other related administrative matters will be handled via email.

Each grant recipient must agree to use the funds only for the purposes described in the application, to return any funds not expended, to submit receipts and/or documentation supporting budgeted expenditures, and to submit a brief report at the conclusion of the project, include photos, if available.  The Foundation may feature grantees on the website and include updates as provided by the grantee.

Grant Request Form (pdf)